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About Us


Dumela Creative Stock is an image, video and audio bank from Africa’s creative to the world.  We reckon, the only hunger a creative should have, is the hunger to create something amazing; that’s why we are here - to give the creative the power to earn money and leave a legacy.  You create.  We facilitate.  You engage and earn.  Visit the website to register as a seller or a buyer, or to explore, and enter the world of artistic expression.   


Dumela Creative Stock is an image, video and audio bank that curates creative works from Africa’s photographers, videographers and sound engineers and markets and retails them to the world.  


If you are a photographer, videographer or sound engineer, Dumela Creative Stock gives you the opportunity to take charge of your intellectual property and earn income from your creativity by registering on the website as a seller and uploading your images, videos and audios onto the bank.  For the advertising executive, and the media practitioner, go onto the site to register as a buyer to produce locally and culturally relevant campaigns and visual products using creative works from your local industry.  

Simply log onto to enter the world of artistic expression, and create, engage and earn.

Designers, Artists, Agencies and fellow creatives are using Dumela CreativeStock to sell, source, and purchase the very best of African creativity.

Click on “My Profile” to experience the world of visual and audio Africa!

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Search for an image by typing key words into the search bar, or go through our gallery of images by category, to find what will work best with your artwork, design and create expression of any kind.

When you find what you are looking for, click on the download button, add to cart, pay using your credit card,and find the image in your download folder to continue with your creative expression.


Log into your profile, select the images, videos and/or audios you want to upload, add the descriptions you want buyers to know about it, and check in to find out if something has been bought.

If someone has loved your creative expression, you will find your money in the payment account, ready for you to either bank it or cash it – anytime you want!