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You Create. We facilitate. You engage.

Dumela creative stock is a world of artistic expression – images, audios and videos
from Africa’s talent.


Super awesome content accessories for your downloading pleasure. Go ahead; Create.

Create Right Now!

Simple, quick and easy royalty free photos, vectors and vids for your campaigns, collateral and anything else that requires click, click, click - you’re done! - kinda speed

Edit what you Want

You’ve chosen what you like, and want to tweak it a bit? Use Dumela Creative Editor to put your personal stamp on it.

Content Content Content

Videos, graphics and the freshest effects for your vlog, social and business content.

Africa Based

Boot up. We have what you need.

Unlimited Artworks

Travel the world of creativity from an African perspective. Images, vectors, audios and footage clips.

Easy to Use

Dumela means Hello. Say Hello! to simplicity.